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Aventador remains Lamborghini’s blue eyed boy. What makes the Aventador such a super hit is its unique design formula- built exotic but drives like a super car. Released as a replacement for Murcielago supercar, the V12 6.5 L engine is housed in a low, large and wide monster with ‘old-school’ labeled all over. The fast machine reaches 0-60mph in lesser than three seconds to hit a top speed of 217mph. Undoubtedly, the fastest car from the Lamborghini stable, the Aventador is built in carbon-fiber monocoque with an over lay of CFRP and aluminum.




lamborghini aventador rentalYou can’t help but be smug when you control the Aventador. Available as Coupe and Convertible, there are three trims. The 6.5L V12 engine generates a maximum power of 510kW and 690bhp at 8250rpm. Weighing at 235kngs, the engine in the latest Aventador are the second generation, 4th in-house design. All the four wheels are powered independently via ISR (Independent Shifting Rod). The latest body material cuts down the weight of the previously bulky Aventador by over 110 pounds. The loss in weight improves the acceleration of the car making it quicker by 0.02 seconds, a tenth faster as compared to the standard Aventador.

There are three options of convertibles to choose from- Twin Door Convertible LP 700-4, 2 Door Convertible LP 750-4 Superveloce and 2 Door Convertible LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition. In the body style of the coupe, there are only two options- 2 Door Coupe LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition and the starting range 2 Door Coupe LP 700-4.


The interior of the car, keeping the trend of the exterior design, is bold and exciting. The sports seats are surprisingly comfortable and a digital dash replaces traditional dials.




There are three drive modes offered in the Aventador- Sport Strada and Corsa. Sport is obviously, the Sports mode which gives in a slight slip in the rear and nippier gear change. The Strada or the road mode is ideal for driving around in light city traffic-the gear shift is lazy and the gear box feels more relaxed. The Corsa or the race mode unleashes the beast- gear change is quick and the Aventador goes from demure to aggressive.

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Another new addition apart from the body covering is the Graziano gear box. This ISR works similar to DSG and ensures that the shift interval in the Corsa does not exceed 50 milliseconds.


A car this quick demands an exceptional braking system: the carbon ceramic braking system brings this 1700kg car from a three figure speed to a screeching halt without compromising on the body control.

Coming to the soul of the car, its engine: the exhaust system of the V-12 engine is of the free-flow type. As a result, there is a boost in horsepower from 691 to 740. Maximum rev of 8400 is easily achieved below 100 rpm.


In conclusion, if comparisons are made, Aventador tops the list in terms of driving and performance, effortlessly. It is fast no doubt but exerts the maximum safety controls in terms of ground handling, braking system and fantastic road grip.

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