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With the evolution of technology and design trends, the line between a car and motorcycle has gotten blur. Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle which looks like an indie race car but performs like a quick street bike. Available in one base color, titanium metallic, Polaris Slingshot braves the gray zone which only a few adventure seekers have a heart to enter.

At first glance, the Slingshot resembles a tripod. Although, there are 3 edges to the contraption, there is still ambiguity of its belonging- is it really a bike or a car?

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Starting with the dimensions of the three-wheeled road rocket, Slingshot weight at 1749 pounds- greater than an average super bike but lesser than a car. The three-wheeler is 149.6 inches long, 77.9inches wide with a ground clearance of 5inches. The bike looks like an adaptation of Mad Max’s Saturn Ion. The steel chassis supports the frame and the distinctive design ends abruptly with a protruding large swing arm. The rear is propped up with a wheel shop caved in to accommodate a 20-inch tire.

In the United States, the Solaris is available in two trims- the base Slingshot which is priced at $19,999 which features the standard titanium metallic exterior, 18inch rear tire, and 17in front alloy wheels. The second model is the luxury trim SL with a higher pricing of $23,999. Apart from its availability in a color other than the standard titanium metallic which is pearl red, the SL has an additional windshield for protection and increased 20-inch wheels at the rear. There is also a media addition- a console with 4.3 inches LDC screen, Bluetooth integration, backup camera and audio system with 6 speakers.

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The ride experience offered by the Slingshot is one of its kinds – the exhilaration of a 3600 view is incomparable to the safe, capsule view of a car. The seats of the driver and passenger are side-by-side offering the same dose of adrenaline hit.


The engine powering this shift three-wheeler is a 2.4L, 5-speed manual transmission, dual-overhead cam engine. The power generated by this pocket rocket is a surprising 173hp at 6200 rpm and 166lb-ft torque at 4700 rpm. Although, the numbers aren’t impressive, given its size and weight, the Slingshot is true to its name.


The performance of the Slingshot is not specified in numbers but considering the engine volume and power generated, it goes from 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. The maximum speed Slingshot reaches is 130mph.

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This quick three wheel bike is equipped with ABS braking on both the front and rear tires. The steering is electric assisted and the total fuel capacity is 9.8 gallons.


It is important to specify here that the Slingshot is not an automobile and therefore is not equipped with airbags and other safety standards that are specific to these. The performance of Slingshot varies when the roads are wet. The rider must always wear a protective helmet while riding the Slingshot.

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