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There is more to Vegas than its infamous party center tag. Las Vegas is surrounded by nature’s magnificence, all within driving distance. When you’ve had your fill of club hopping and concerts, head out to one of these destinations in the exotic car you’ve rented. Driving down will also give you a chance to test out the engine. It would be incompetent to rent out a Ferrari Spider only to drive down the Strip.

Cool places to drive down to in your exotic rental car:

  • Ghost Towns: There are so many Ghost Towns around Las Vegas that make the trip interesting. You can choose from Berlin to Bowers Mansion.
  • Valley of Fire: Covered in Red sandstone for as far as the eye can see, the Valley of Fire will take your breath away. Considered as one of the oldest state parks in Nevada, VOF is an hour’s drive from north of Las Vegas. Watch out for kangaroo rats, rattlesnakes, coyotes, kit foxes, antelope ground squirrels and bighorn sheep.
  • Death Valley National Park: A longer drive would take you to Death Valley National Park. If you want to visit a place which balances the old while accommodating the new, Death Valley Park is the place. You can also stay back for the night at one of the many accommodations offered here. Along the way, make sure you stop at the Scotty’s Castle and China Ranch. There are also guided tours offered here for those inquisitive souls who want to explore the paleontology remnants.

  • Grand Canyon: One of nature’s masterpieces, The Grand Canyon is a day’s trip from Las Vegas. If you have a fast car, then why fly down when you can race to it. You can take of the two routes- South Rim which is guarded by the U.S Government or West Rim which cuts through the Native American reservation. If you choose the latter, a sports car may not be best suited as the roads are slightly muddy.
  • Lake Mead: A short drive from the Strip is Lake Mead. One of the largest manmade lakes in the world, Lake Mead is a tribute to humanity’s excellence. You can head out here for the day and drive back to Vegas and party till the sun comes up. For the adrenaline fans, there are activities like jet skiing, hiking, boating and swimming. The lake also has all the amenities like restaurants and showers which make the one day trip comfortable.
  • Hoover Dam: Hovering at 726 feet over ground level, looking down from the Hoover Dam is not for the faint hearted. The dam welcomes over 3000 visitors on a daily basis. Standing at the dam offers a spectacular view of Lake Mead, Colorado River and Black Canyon. Take the scenic Route 93 to reach Hoover Dam.

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Apart from the destinations listed here, Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and Floyd Lamb Park must make it to your ‘Places to Visit around Vegas’ list.

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