A trip to the Sin city is incomplete if you don’t cruise around in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Everything from classic muscle cars to an echelon of exclusive downright ostentatious cars can be your ride for the trip. There are Ferrari Rentals, Las Vegas for those who want to feel the power of the red spectre.

Where to find Car Rentals?

There is much more to Vegas than downtown and the Strip. If you a ride to your name, getting away from the crowd and turn into an explorer is easier. Most don’t arrive to Vegas in their own car. Finding a rental is as easy as spotting a watering hole in Vegas. If you’re flying down to Vegas, right at the airport exit is car rentals. There are cars on offer to fit any budget- from a small ride to a Lamborghini. There is an exclusive Rent-A-Car section which is approximately 10 minutes from the airport. Here on offer are 10 rental agencies from the Budget to Lamborghini Rentals, Las Vegas.

Cost of renting a super car  

For most of us, owning a supercar is a dream which is unrealized thanks to improper adult-ing. A consolation is renting one out. So what if you don’t have a supercar with your name on theferrari rental number plate, driving one around is as good as it gets. There are programs that start with as low as $395 per day, a fraction of what it would cost to own one.

For the lowest price, you can rent out a Porsche Boxster, which is a surprisingly good deal. But, if a Boxster is not the one to make you smile, there is the Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin Vantage, Bentley Continental GT, SRT Viper and Porsche 911. The Italian finesse is priced over $1500 a day while the R8 can be temporarily yours for under a $1000.

Know this before you rent:

With every rental company, the rules of renting vary. You can read up on these online on the company website. A common rule, which is a no-brainer, is that you need to be over 21 and hold a valid driver’s license. Sometimes the prices vary greatly from the one listed on the website to the one offered at the premises. A smart thing to do here is to log onto priceline.com and compare the prices.

Also, the price listed may not include the insurance charges. For smaller cars this starts at $15 and increases with the car chosen.

You don’t have to worry about getting lost because most of the rental companies are under one roof. There are sign boards everywhere just to ensure that you don’t lose your way.

Be clear on what you wish to drive before you fill out the paper work. Some exotic rental companies offer Polaris Slingshot (yes, the one similar to the Mad Max starrer) to Vanderhalls- the three wheel mini-supercars.
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