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Las Vegas is one of those rare escapes that can be visited any time of the year. There is no right time to visit per-se but there are a few factors that decide the schedule of the trip.

What makes the timing right?

There cannot be an answer as vague as any time is a good time. Here are a few considerations that narrow down the right time, for you:

  • Hotel cost: If traveling didn’t come with a price tag, no one would stick in a place for over half a year. Sadly, money and budget dictates how we spend our free time. The rooms are priced at the lowest during the break between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This period also coincides with the Rodeo. The prices sky-rocket during March. March is the madness month when the best events are scheduled. Everything from NASCAR to Spring Break takes up most of the month. The prices also soar during conventions like COMDEX. As the demand increases so does the pricing. A smart way to plan a Las Vegas trip is by going through the “web specials” and “availability calendars”. Keep a maximum budget of $150 per night and look for hotel accommodation accordingly.


  • Fry or Dry: Nevada is a desert, so it would be half-witted to expect the weather to be anything close to pleasant. During its hottest month, the temperature rises to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can face the sun, plan a trip during July- August: thinner crowd and cheaper stay. If you do visit during this time, sip on plenty of water. Heat stroke is a party-spoiler! During December, it gets chilly. Don’t forget to carry something warm.

  • Conventions gala: There are over 100 small convention sites in addition to the gigantic ones like CONEXO-CON/AGG and CES. These attract more than 1 million participants. Even a city like Vegas with 150,000 rooms gets maxed out with such a throng. Going by the demand-supply principle, this is the time when rooms cost the highest. If there is a convention you wish to attend, there is no alternative to shelling out your savings. But, if you aren’t keen on attending, plan a trip when there are no major conventions happening.
  • Entertainment Galore: If the Vegas Trip is to catch your favorite artists perform live, the right time would be according to their schedule. Even if you miss your favorite artist perform live, the Sin City offers other performances and stage productions that will make up for the loss. You can groove to the beats of Chuckie and Diplo at the clubs. Apart from the week that leads to Christmas, every day is a party in Vegas.

Remember to plan your Vegas trip according to the conventions calendar, weather conditions and during the holiday season. If you need a quick break and cannot wait to plan a trip, head out over the weekend but not before you put in a little research on hotel tariffs.

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